Phases of design

There are a few phases of working on a design project, including a full elaboration of an object: starting from filling in the necessary documents till designer's supervision.

Phase 1

After the approved co-operation, the designer examines the workload. This includes:

  • visiting the site with a customer, photo and video shooting of an object;
  • precise room measurement;
  • drawings based on the measurements;
  • elaboration of planning concept options.


Phase 2

This is a creative process when the client and the designer choose décor and furniture. At this phase, the interior is rendered to get a complete picture with detailed elaboration of the future interior, combination of the chosen palette, finishing materials, furniture, accessories and lighting elements. It includes:

  • discussion of ideas;
  • working out design concepts;
  • 3d rendering of all rooms;
  • approval of the concept.


Phase 3

Working directly on the approved concept. According to the design, all necessary plans are created. At this phase, the working documents, the construction crew should follow, are formed. This is a complex and structured work, determining the quality of fulfilling the order. The work includes a package of following drafts:

  • Measurement draft with engineering utilities.
  • Walls and communications dismounting plan.
  • Plan of erected walls with window and door openings.
  • Plan with furniture arrangement and room explication.
  • Plan of the ceiling, indicating levels and type of the material used.
  • Lighting plan.
  • Plan of switches lighting groups scheme.
  • Plan of sockets with their sizes.
  • Floor plan with the type of flooring, size, levels.
  • Layout of heating equipment and underfloor heating zones.
  • Sewerage and plumbing plan.
  • Wall sweeps with a tiling layout with dimensions, article and area of ​​the selected material.
  • Cuts and sweeps of walls with decorative elements.
  • Drafts of custom-made products.
  • Door specifications with their sizes.


There is also an optional “author’s supervision” service. It supposes monitoring of realization of the developed design and includes:

  • designer’s visits to the site for monitoring the building/renovation progress;
  • adjustment of drafts, coordination of the renovation plan with the existing design project;
  • interior decoration;
  • purchase of designer finishes and furniture;
  • managing the supply of equipment and furniture;
  • development of supporting documentation;
  • advising specialists and suppliers involved.


Clients often order a service of the finished room decoration. If you have already renovated a room and you want to aesthetically professionally select all interior elements. It includes purchase of furniture and lamps, selection of textiles, paintings or photographs, deco elements.

The full range of works provided by the company

  • Design project
  • 3D rendering
  • Construction project
  • Engineering project (starting from design of a country house to residential multistory complex)
  • Gas supply
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Design of residential and non-residential objects
  • Real estate appraisal, approval in the design authorities
  • Complex repair
  • Author's supervision
  • Picking  of Russian and foreign furniture
  • Selection of lighting, textiles, interior items
  • Production of furniture according to the drafts
  • Selection of finishing materials (tiles, plumbing, wallpaper)
  • All types of decorative coverings for walls and ceilings