Tourist complex Ataysal

The ethnic project of the tourism complex Ataysal was designed in national motives of the Republic of Bashkortostan from environmentally friendly materials. The intersection of ethnic elements and innovative ideas creates original, modernized compositions perfectly fit into an amazing landscape palette.

The tourist complex includes hotels, beaches, a reserved area, a zoo, a children's camp resembling a village of hobbits. On the slopes of the ski resort, there will be restaurants with panoramic views of the beautiful nature. For lovers of sailing, there is a yacht club on the banks of the river with an interesting history.

The main task for the designer was to harmoniously intertwine modern entertainment facilities with national attributes. This was masterly done with the help of modern and authentic building materials and original decor.

All objects are functional, meant for active pastime, creativity or relaxation. They are united by a common theme, smoothly immersing tourists into specific historical moments of national importance.

Tourist complex Ataysal || Victoria Popova - Design and Architecture