Scandinavian apartment

An ordinary apartment can be transformed beyond recognition by the ease and simplicity of Scandinavian style. It is characterized by light color palette prevailing in the interior, making a room light and spacious and visually increasing the space.

It is the naturalness of the Scandinavian style that makes it so beautiful, so the apartment was furnished only with natural materials. Timber in the finishing harmoniously brightens up every room. Another important element is lighting, so windows are emphasized with light curtains. Plenty of lamps preserve open space and light in the rooms also in night hours.

Every room was designed considering its size and purpose. The corridor is extended to the maximum by narrow furniture and built-in wardrobes that perfectly fit into the interior. The bathroom is small, so all its space is used rationally. The living room is visually expanded by the light color shades of the interior. The simplicity and practicality of the decor is complemented by ceramic products and interesting accessories.

The ‘airy’ children’s room is furnished for a young creative personality. Comfort here was created by pastel colors of fabrics, furniture, accessories and decor.

Kitchen furniture and equipment perfectly fit the size of the room. Bright green and orange accents in this room filled with light refresh and revive it, making it really comfortable.

Scandinavian apartment || Victoria Popova - Design and Architecture