English style interior

Interior of the children's rooms in English style is quite common and supposes a definite type of parenting a teenager. The goal of the interior design was creating a space for a gentleman with a good education, manners, doing well in sports and studies.

The room is decorated in accordance with design rules of British rooms, even though the teenager’s bedroom and furniture are made of dark natural wood. The interior of children's room has two themes - the United Kingdom and travelling.

As the United Kingdom is a maritime power, the decor includes models of ships, drawings of maps and sailing ships. The leather furniture with metal framed facades and plenty of boxes resembles chests and looks great against the chequered wall finishing. Various textile accessories: rugs, seat ottomans, soft upholstery create comfort for a child and create a special cozy atmosphere. Only natural fabrics were used.

The boy's parents wanted a calm, balanced children’s room for a boy to easily focus on his studies. The English style in the interior design was really a boon. But to bring the idea into reality, the designer discussed all details with the child first.

English style interior || Victoria Popova - Design and Architecture