Dialysis center Fresenius Medical Care

The design was developed together with the IND office architectural studio exclusively for the NephroCare medical center. We took into account specifics of each room and their purpose. Our goal was to create a modern and most functional interior that would correspond to the high status and competence of the company.

We selected a neutral color scheme: walls and ceiling of the spacious lobby are muted white, the floor is laid with broad light and dark tiles, emphasized with strict metallic shades. There are various original lamps in the room, some are built into the walls and ceiling. Plenty of light gives it a solid modern look. 

The laconic and strict design is convenient and functional at the same time: there is a reception area, a few chairs for waiting, live plants, the central wall is decorated with a three-dimensional illuminated panel with the brand name of the medical center, developed as a design element. Thanks to the stylish finishing of the interior color scheme, the doors effectively complete the architecture. 

The director’s office was also filled extremely laconically. Soft color shades of the interior and severity of the modern style lines create a comfortable working atmosphere. The same color and texture concept of the floor and ceiling with lighting finishing makes the room visually longer. A wide angle panoramic window is closed by beige curtains.

The conference hall is a spacious light room with a dark long table with comfortable chairs on both sides in its heart. The walls are decorated with alternating broad light and dark panels with thematic photographs. A stylish original composition of the lamps in a rectangular geometry, made as a series of different-sized rectangles, besides its functionality, brings a unique aesthetic to the interior.

Dialysis center Fresenius Medical Care || Victoria Popova - Design and Architecture