Diajeo office

Designing the Diajeo office in cooperation with the IND office architectural studio, our goal was to create a space with comfortable and pleasant working atmosphere. We aimed to create an interior favourable for a productive work, creative ideas and good mood.

The simplicity of colors gray and white in the rooms is combined with bright inserts on the walls and creates a natural harmony of the official style and creative design ideas. Negotiation rooms of regular quadrilateral prism shapes enliven the space and give it a unique look. An original approach to interior decoration discloses a new meaning of the word “office”, that does not accept boring design and standardization.

Workplaces are equipped with modern furniture designed with ergonomic precision. No frills. The office dining room has all necessary kitchen appliances for employees during the break. Comfortable dining seats perfectly go with the wall prints.

Light colors of the conference hall are mixed with dark wood. A glass chandelier with an ultraviolet Diajeo brand printing is bright splash in the light interior. The entire office is decorated with greenery, refreshing the design and emphasizing white furniture.

There are also plenty of areas for relaxation and chatting.

Diajeo office || Victoria Popova - Design and Architecture