City Golf Restaurant at Red October

The interior was designed exclusively for the restaurant in the City Golf  golf club. It is extremely minimalist and practical, made in purely modern style. Walls are partly painted white with decorative dark wood paneling. There is an unusual design concept in the hall: one of the walls is missing, replaced by a clear line of vertical wooden structures, fixed to the suspended beams on the ceiling. Guests of the restaurant can enjoy a beautiful view over the club surroundings through a portal floor to ceiling window. Strict and clear interior lines visually increase the space with the rational use of each square meter.

There is no superfluous detail here. The style resembles a revolutionary high-tech: functional and practical interior details are combined with unusual wood accents in decor. The severity of the design is complemented by one of the main décor elements - lamps. Chandeliers and floor lamps are in the same restrained style, but they bring brightness to the interior thanks to the golden mirror and black matte finishing, favorably contrasting with the “dryness” of wood paneling.

The austerity of furniture is compensated by its practicality and comfort. In the hall, evenly filled with dining seats, there is also a long bar counter, made in the same strict style. There is a TV set nearby and a projection screen on the opposite wall. The hall is laconically decorated with paintings and enlivened by decorative vines, rising to the ceiling by wooden panels.

The interior design was developed in cooperation with the Loven Skold architectural bureau.


City Golf Restaurant at Red October || Виктория Попова - дизайн интерьеров и архитектура