Barbershop Cherdak

Creating an interior for Barbershop Cherdak, the designer considered not only comfort and functionality, but also a special male character of the space. Maroon stone and planks painted in cool shades create a special atmosphere. Dark quiet colors set the barbershop visitors at a certain historical mood, taking them to the past for a few moments. Lamps with forged elements, plank tables with wheels, shelves and stands, mirror frames - everything is filled with the spirit of the 20s.

An interesting design idea is a bike on the wall. It was masterfully made old and looks great with other interior details with the spirit of freedom and creativity. The focus of attention is shifted to modern elements, such as a luxurious leather sofa in chocolate brown color and fashionable and comfortable brutal arm-chairs for men.

The designer skillfully divided the barbershop into 3 cozy and comfortable zones. The first is welcoming guest at the reception. The second is where the transformation of the barber shop guests happens. The third one is perfect for not boring waiting (guests can try a big weight, drink tea or read Sholokhov).

Barbershop Cherdak || Victoria Popova - Design and Architecture