A wooden minimalist house

This house in the suburbs of Moscow was designed in the Scandinavian minimalism style, characterized by simplicity and practicality. The decor and details of all rooms have a single concept. The convenient and unique design of rooms and interiors is made from environmentally friendly materials. Each family member will feel comfortable here.

The modern living room has clean lines, organic fabrics and comfortable furniture, while cool colors along with warm shades create harmony. White walls and ceiling comibined with the natural wood create a sense of unity with nature. One-color floor-length curtains intensify the space of the house with high ceilings and large windows. Contrast of the parquet and walls brightens up the atmosphere and is harmonized by rich white colors in the furniture, where minimalist tendencies are successfully blended with stylish interior décor elements. Metal accents look great against wooden finishing.

The open concept kitchen-living room looks neat thanks to the light furniture, modern equipment and wood. The unlined timber and airy pleated curtains visually increase the space. Comfortable furniture with metal elements emphasizes the impeccable style of the kitchen. The ease of natural finishing with clean lines fills the space with light and air.

A wooden minimalist house || Виктория Попова - дизайн интерьеров и архитектура