A house in the suburbs of Moscow

Here is a house designed for a young couple appreciating the elegance, comfort and interesting solutions in the interior design.

The modern classics surrounds with comfort and warmth thanks to the pastel shade concept. The open textured light wood of this partly paneled house with high-tech interior details combines closeness to nature and modern trends. Windows are not accented: they are skillfully turned into an element of décor.

Even lighting of all rooms saturates the interior with muted colors emphasizing  amazing aesthetic of the pastel harmony. The glass in the furnishing and decor along with the clarity and strictness of lines are emphasized by a simple, but effective solotion - carpets. The comfortable living room has two exits leading to the kitchen and stairs to the second floor.

The bedroom and the guest room create an atmosphere of ease. Both rooms have professionally selected designer’s interior objects

Plenty of fabrics and textiles creates coziness in the rooms.

Bathrooms are decorated in warm colors. Because of the even lighting, there is no need to emphasize windows. Interior decor elements visually increase the space.

Every details in the house is meant for a good rest and productive work.

A house in the suburbs of Moscow || Виктория Попова - дизайн интерьеров и архитектура