Office design

It is known that productive work, just like creative ideas, is born by lucky coincidence in the communication environment of talented people. We did our best to ensure that your employees have as many “lucky coincidences” as possible in the designed office.

We paid particular attention to details, carefully thought out a layout, created an original mix of minimalism and natural eco-style elements, upgrading an apartment to a stylish modern office.

The interior turned out to be unusual, modern, bright and at the same time as simple and effective as possible. 

   A harmonious lighting element in the form of a unique nature-lightbox separates the office from the kitchen, expands the space and fills it with air.

On the main wall near the manager's desk, there is a world map made from stabilized moss - one of the latest finishing materials. This is an environmentally friendly, maintenance-free living material. At your request, we can change its color, that extends options for individual decoration of the room. The laconic interior is brightened up with colored balls of stabilized moss serving as map supporting elements, completing the composition.

 Workplaces are located along the walls. Finishing of the outer perimeter is dominated by natural wood. This soft functional material is perfect for attaching factsheets in the work process.

A 3D cabinet designed as a futuristic skyscraper allows storing important documents. 

Each material, detail and shade of our office space were carefully selected to create a harmonious, tangible and natural feeling of natural forms, combined with current trends. Thus, we have created a perfect office interior for comfortable work, not pressing with excessive officiality, filled with warmth and light.


The balcony space, designed as a meeting room, will provide both solitude for unhurried conversation and excitement of business negotiations.

Office design || Виктория Попова - дизайн интерьеров и архитектура