50 shades of white on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow

These spacious apartments were designed in a modern luxury style with a light eclectic touch in the interior. Light colors and natural materials set the mood, making the interior fashionable and cozy.

Our task was to light and enlarge the space while leaving enough space for built-in furniture. The project was implemented due to the use of minimalistic white finishing of the walls and mirrors. The interior can be easily changed with modular furniture and decorative elements. Sources of light in the living room are located in different planes, making the geometry more visually complex and dividing the space into functional areas.

A highlight of the interior is rack partitions hiding built-in wardrobes. The design of these partitions makes the interior dynamic, they do not block the light and visually divide the space. The complex texture of natural wood combined with modern smooth forms makes the interior even more elegant.

A constituent and central part of the living room is the kitchen area, marked with a deep even black surface and a mirror island, creating a barrier that separates the kitchen from the overall area, but not makes the interior too heavy.

Open layout of the apartment allows free interaction between different zones. A spacious terrace can be easily accessed both from the living room and the kitchen. This part of the apartment looks very expressive thanks to the light. Panoramic glazing of the living room creates an illusion of floating in the clouds, while fabric of the curtains increase this feeling, emphasizing it with lightness of white color.

A kind of preamble to the apartment is the entrance with a light open space. A long L-shaped corridor hides bathrooms and connects several rooms. The system of sliding panels hides built-in cabinets. They look more like moving walls rather than doors.

Lines of metal shelf against a noble background of natural smoky stone make an air shelf unit almost floating in the air. Mirrors and metal emphasize the minimalism, underlining beauty of the stone pattern. 

Next to the living room there is a guest room. The guest room furniture is very minimalist and does not break the overall style of the apartment, being its logical and smooth prolongation. It also features various lighting techniques increasing the space and complicating the geometry. The guest room, like the entire apartment, has mostly laconic, simple forms: cold stone, glossy surfaces of bedside tables and metal decorations. The proper combination of these textures, wooden surfaces and soft warm fabrics make the light space of the bedroom even cozier.

The clients asked for a modern and cozy apartment, that was succeeded thanks to the use of natural materials and a contrasting black and white color palette.

50 shades of white on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow || Виктория Попова - дизайн интерьеров и архитектура