Victoria Popova

Design and Architecture

Victoria Popova is a successful designer, creating original concepts of stylish and functional interiors of both residences and offices. In the design process Victoria focuses mainly on individual needs and tastes of clients. Fore her, the design of any project is creativity is manifested in functional and conceptual ideas.


  • Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Environmental design, 2006-2012.
  • Ufa College of Arts, Environmental design, 2002-2006.


In a short period of time, Victoria has managed to create various successful projects. She has been designing interiors since 2009.

She has successfully collaborated with top architectural studios in Moscow. Victoria has become well-known and gained a positive reputation, efficiently fulfilling orders with a constant creative approach.

Participation in tenders, design of Alfa-Bank, DiaJeo and NephroCare offices together with IND office.

Joint projects with Greinge Studio and Loven Skold include a golf club, SityGolf  restaurant at the Red October, interiors in the Scandinavian style and much more.

«Interior design is a fashion, style, latest trends, space. When you do what you love doing, this is a thread connecting your inner world with the whole universe. When you follow your happiness, you find your dreams along the way - and justify the reason you're here.»

/Victoria Popova/

Before starting the design, she always asks herself, “What is better for the client? What kind of space will always be modern and actual despite the time?”

Victoria aims to create beautiful, unique, comfortable for living interiors that meet aesthetic, functional and economic preferences of her clients.

Experience and skills of the architect and designer apply to all types of projects: from small living rooms to large commercial construction projects with the interior design. Working with clients who know exactly what they want, Victoria helps them to professionally develop and implement their ideas to achieve perfection in their space. Those, who are less sure, are professionally guided and have an opportunity to understand and shape their aesthetic preferences, embodying them in the design process.

About Fashion and Style

Victoria has developed her own style: the designer prefers to work with natural eco-friendly materials, combining the functionality, latest trends and personal approach in her interiors.

Sensitive to the client's needs, Victoria modernizes them into a modern, comfortable interior with perfectly selected furniture and accessories. She does not just go with the times, she is a few steps ahead.

Victoria sees her mission in helping people to improve their quality of life in forming the living space around them, that will inspire them every day, cheer them up and offer psychological comfort. The unique feelings, when a client has eager eyes at the sight of his new interior, where every detail fits into a single concept, where the whole space meets the requirements of comfort and convenience and also forms a unique aesthetics of personality – this is what gives back, gives pleasure from the process and ultimately determines professional success.

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